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Courting Slack

The key element the student of this diagram needs pay close attention to is the lower right corner to which most of the streams flow.

SOLSTICE – The chronic knee needs to be worked out.  It’s been a week since the last CRICCK and had a tentative 6-hill rike early in the week.  The muscles WANTED to the work, so much so that I actually broke into a lope up 6th Street. And so this morning’s effort was more toward […]

Smooth Edges

You wonder.

EXCITEMENTDAY – Or what passes here. Not only do I need to break up with my current squeeze, but I cannot even decide which of the three tasty daughters of John Barrymore I want to close the deal with.  John (who, I might note, likes me well enough not to charge me but also hints […]

Ply Would

6 2 015

SCHEDULEDAY – I have one – at the dentist at 2. And I had a busy morning: I’m in some village of Merry Olde with Eric Catchpole (of the BBC Lovejoy Series) where at noon they have a parade and sing America The Beautiful.  Touching.  Eric is busy with some young filly, “Eric, I’ll meet […]