Archive / August, 2013

Sucessful Failures


A night, and morning of the best sleep outside of Rip Van. And I was going to need it. Check the market performance of AOL and CPST over the past month – you’ll see why. I would have killed myself except that Blue Shield doesn’t cover death. And since I’m now on a new rike […]

Autumn Already?


For the first time in my short life, I’ve felt Autumn before smelling it. But so much for the good news.  By the only measure important in America, today was a disaster at Castle Slackton. Last Friday’s adolescent antics by AOL’s CEO drove the stock down more than 3%.  The almost incomprehensible pressures of turning […]

Dog Days


You never knew the ugly, angry Harvey.  For which I’m glad.  He revisited last night – I’m all togged out in my WWII bomber crew lambskins and there’s a promenade  in the city.  He’s driving Barnaby, Georgia shotgun, me in the back making sure my shearling shines.  We pass by the Mechanics Hall in which […]