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Lab Joint


Schedule indicates an early mid-week boring no-drinking lay around feed the mind instead of the body no shop day. Events dictated otherwise. No, not the mid-Pacific Plate upheaval which sent us all 3000 feet up into the Sierras to bask in the no-snowfall, but a simple email from Curtis, who apparently is in-State and will […]

Jig Rigging


Rain.  Real Rain, the kind that slants in and soaks your trouser legs no matter how long your duster.  Rain that causes the hatless and the ill-shod to rue the shortcomings of their wardrobe, rain driving from the east sending even the racoons to shiver.  A rain such as make a man question his role […]

Structure / Infra


MOISTUREDAY – Cannot call it ‘rain’ even though I’d like to refer to that slight tintinnabulation on the forge hood as rain.  Deployed the catch basins, slept as if all my blood was to be extracted in the morning, instead of two vials. Early at the barber surgeon’s office for the blood draw.  It was […]