Roll Top Desk Restoration

Product Description

This 100 year old plus roll top desk, in oak (except for the drawer parts that do not, in the main, get much visibility), was not in dire condition.

Mainly, it needed some physical rehabilitation, a few new parts to replace the defunct or the undesired modifications done by the client’s father, and a general cleaning. The client did not want the surface finish restored to factory perfect. Even so, the job took me more than twice as long as I estimated. You win a few, you lose a few.

Inside, the central, horizontal shelf had sagged and was past remediation. Also, the left side bivvies had divorced themselves from the desk proper. This was addressed.

Both of the two pull-out side shelves needed work. One to replace a tatty plywood end cap, the other a new replacement.

Both the base, side units needed physical rehabilitation to stabilize and secure the front rails and internal supports. The drawers required repair where the locking assembly had, over the decades, worn through the drawer backs.

Missing its lock, this was replaced, as were all seven pull handles.

And finally, as the client did not not want to alter the graceful aged patina, I washed over all the show surfaces with a stain very close to that patina, and then hit with lemon oil polish.

Et voila!



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