Craftsman Desk Repair

Product Description

Here is a nearly 100 year old desk in the Craftsman style, although factory fabricated.

Problem: the owner had fallen onto the open drawer and shattered both the drawer support running across the face of the desk, and the drawer runner which spanned front to back.

My job: replicate and replace both broken parts.

This necessitated removal of the front span support corbels on either side. No easy matter as they were nailed in. Yet, we persevered.

What followed was an exercise in part duplication.

Once the two parts were properly shaped and sized for length, I drilled for pocket hole screws, but did use the existing slot in the back for a tenon on the front-to-back drawer support.

But before final installation of the replacement parts, the new oak must be stained. The desirement here was to match – as closely as my small abilities in color coordination allow – the new wood to the patina of the old.

I got close. Used a cocktail of red mahogany and walnut stains.

The customer was pleased. And so was I for returning this venerable desk to active drawer service.


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