Tor House as Stage

They film in churches, don’t they. Here’s a shoot in one of mine: Tor House, the fairy tale castle built by Robinson Jeffers. The castle in stones from the beach, to go along with the towers he wrote. Asked to be Test Proctor – which reads ever so much better than Location Minder – I […]

October 26 – West of Eden to Lakeport

You can see a lot in 9 days, or even 9 seconds. Stephen Foster wrote: “It rained all night the day I left, the weather it was dry; The sun so hot I froze to death—Susanna, don’t you cry.” On this roadtrip, I drove too far and not enough; I saw much and missed more; […]

October 27 – Lakeport to Eureka

The day comes slowly, dawn an hour away on breaking camp. Back to the gashole for the morning’s rituals, coffee and ice. What should have occurred was to verge northeast. But I didn’t consider it, or did, but with little verve.  Strange. And now, looking more closely at the maps, it would have been impossible: […]

October 28 – Eureka to Union Creek

Up groggily with the dawn. To MacDonald’s for coffee and plan out the day. Crater Lake is “only” 271 miles by the shortest route. This then became the day’s objective, in spite of being a long drive. I used to feel that 300 miles in a road trip day was cutting it short. I have […]

October 29 – Mount Mazama to Madras

Rain all the darkness, the drip drip drip from the eaves onto the lava an ease not easy by which to come, the goodness of rain when only it is good because you are dry and warm. What’s the move? North, not yet east. I’m too far south to trend that way, the way that […]

October 30 – Madras to The Columbia

There’s frost in the pumpkin 0700 as the dawn gleams orange to the southeast. Frost on everything else as well. Didn’t know it was that cold, I was snug enough. Once organized, amble the two blocks over to the Black Bear Diner for the morning’s rituals and the all-essential bean distillate. Rose, ably at the […]

October 31 – The Dalles to Lincoln City

Dawn comes slowly of the north in this Oregon Territory, plans must come faster, in this territory. I cannot say why I turned away from the Nez Perce country. No reason, but this being a road trip no reason is a reason. To saltwater. Lincoln City. Why? What is why on the road? Next: how […]

November 1 – Lincoln City to Ferndale

The sleep-inducing patter of the rain combined with the intermittent roar of the surf made for the best of sleep …. in spite of the fold-out bed which had, before becoming furniture en suite, in its original function, been the flatbed of a chicken-hauling truck. The morning was gray, and lovely. After my staff has […]

November 2 – Ferndale to Gualala

Today, way? South. Where? Coffee with Brenda downstairs in the store, locals (she’s only owned the place for a year, so she says, but has made good inroads) in for gossip and why didn’t you deliver those rolls? Doggies in cribs back of the pickup, hound dawgs, they hunt much coon hereabouts? Brenda asks won’t […]

November 3 and Home

I cannot recommend the Gualala Country Inn, and was glad to pack up and out in the gloaming. I knew I had an easy day of it for the run home, or at least easy once I cleared the Golden Gate and made 280. First things first: Coast it the 48 miles to Bodega Bay. […]