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Dervish Done


The earth filled stage of Russian drama – We need a T-34 for the play, wonder how much just the turret weights and can a couple of us horse it in the back door to the stage?  By the time I get to the theatre, most of the set has been created, and it’s impressive: […]

Offset Onset

Not Racist.jpg

Delicious, glorious, happy gloom.  A gloom so wet in London they’d call it drizzle.  And I out into it for back-to-back yesterslack and this AM rikes.  Desirement – build to a 5 day a week program.  So far, so slack. Dressed for deluge, although this was not in the forecast, but every other year or […]

Slacktion Action

Not all the squicky things emanate from the tidal zone.

Provision run – the usual Trader Schmoe’s for O’boom, Grocery Cheaplet for $2.50/lb Tillamook Monterey Jack, Smart & Final for nothing (although I hoped fornon-sugar sweetened lemonade), Hodge’s’ for propane and Ka-Nob Hill for skirt steak.   At Hodge’s, I pull up to the propane loading station and Cletus, the yardman inspects my tank like […]