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Wallboard Wail


LUNES – Like a real guy, nailed on connectors between wall and joists. Sawzalled out for the side door. Installed ‘guard rails’ in the attic to keep the blown insulation off the new floor. Cleaned up, ripped out even more wall board, including a portion in the master bath I had spent an hour and […]

Rubble Rouser

13 trips with a busted bottom wheelbarrow back and forth to my two least favorite tools: rake and shovel.

LUNE – Hanger hammering, glue gun destroying, wall destroying, minor stucco fragging. First acorns this season dropped by the oak across the street dot the pavement, new green against hard gray. Luis, the new carpenter (new, meaning this is his second week on this job, but hardly new to the tasks) and Marco’s neighbor is […]

Dinero Dog


Hometec Bootcamp – Week 3 is a concatenation of horrors. I had thought that nothing, nothing could be worse than pounding at a concrete slab with jackhammers.  But at least I was above ground.  Comes the news that Marcos and the Jersey Jerker will dig the footer for the new foundation.  I HATE dirt.  I […]