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Enchantment, I’ve been there without knowing why or how.  I’m amid deeply spiritual beings in the form of dowdy matrons hawking knit goods and crèche filler at what seems to be a swap meet mall.  But it’s more, much more.  The place is imbued with magic.  Each ill-dressed crone resonates with spirit, I’m drawn to […]

Box Cases


Of the blessed reign or our Good King Henry VIII, I Ringold Smythe, am the King’s Own Stage master.  At opening night, I do follow the King to the theatre having built for his amusement a rolling, four-wheel’ed cart pushed by footmen and verily being as the pathway to the theatre is downslope over smooth […]

Rising Slackspectations


I only read Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes in winter.  At night.  When it’s raining, and with a plate of chocolates.  It’s winter, night comes once a day, I have the chocolates. What we don’t have is the rain.  There’s no app for that.  Or is there? SANTACRUZDAY – I had a double assembly in […]

Johnson pArts


The mob fingered me through Vargas, my partner.  They’d put the squeeze on him, threatened his wife and kids.  Didn’t blame him.  Now they know where to find me.  I’m ready for the mechanic.  Noise at the door.  Pump a slug through it but it was only Vincenzo, the delivery guy with my tandoori chicken.  […]