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I Mind The Gap

burning man.jpg

All you really don’t need to know is that the new shoes worn on the rike yesterslack, which have less than 5 miles on them, contributed to right knee distress.  Or something did. So today, I donned the 3 Pairs Back.  Rike, conservative, short, 15 minutes, only 7 crows vilified.  Result: no knee distress. Even […]

Double Jointed


Paul the Painter and Scotty the Spare arrive not too early and set to priming and deck coating. I ask Paul, who is about my age, how he came by his craft. It turns out that he was something of a wastrel, about which I would know nothing.  Graduated from college but couldn’t find a […]

Mock Me Up


The long-awaited inception of paint on the Castle as arrived in the form of Paul and his myrmidon Scotty The Spare at banker’s hours to spend the mid-day hosing off the north decks. Their timing was perfect as I’d just returned from the rike, and my timing was excellent in finishing lunch in time to […]

Indirect to LA


I believe adventures should start early in the day, about 4 AM, like a fishing expedition.  But since my LA host wasn’t going to be on station before evening, there was no press out the gate. As this was a weekday, a jaunt south on 1 through the Big Sur seemed appropriate, figured for less […]

Slip joints


Off day from the rike, yesterslack’s 35 minute effort seemed felicitatious to man and goy, yet the left foot was somewhat troubling of this morning.  So off day it was.  Pity that.  There’s no more time for not working out. On day in The Shop, where instead of framing the bottom edge of the Scoptics  […]