Museum Donation Pedestal

A museum-quality, ‘new antique’ crafted of 90 year old re-purposed wood to accept visitor donations and merge with the mid-19th Century surroundings of Colton Hall.

Product Description

Colton Hall, one of the premiere historic properties in Monterey, where the California State Constitution was drafted and approved, needed a donation box.

A pedestal surmounted by an acrylic cube, yet in keeping with the 1850 time capsule which Colton Hall is.

This is just the sort of custom-made, one-of-a-kind creations at which JohnsonArts excels.

Happily for The City, I had on hand a 90 year old fir door, the tone and tenor of which, when crafted into a pedestal, would mirror the 160 year old surroundings, and save the town a few ducats on materials.  Four door panels, once creatively deconstructed from the door, mitered and joined formed the pedestal.

I removed one of the panels and from it formed a door and drawer front.  The door to allow loading the inside of the pedestal with bricks to prevent it from growing legs; and a drawer into which the donations of the historically-inclined and generous visitor would flow.

The most serious concern was matching the fresh cut surfaces and new additions to the hue of the 90 year old patina.  Fortunately, a wipe of red mahogany stain merged the two effectively.

But you be the judge.  Visit Colton Hall, eye up the patina, drop in a drachma.

5.00 out of 5

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  1. 5 out of 5


    By Ra, I do think you’re getting there!

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