Twyla’s Crochet Cabinet

Product Description

It all started with a package for Christmas. A package from Santa Marsha, my sister, the Keeper Of Family Artifacts.

Chief among this treasure were some crochet work and a photograph of my mother’s mother, circa 1904; perhaps her high school graduation picture.

Well, clearly these artifacts needed a proper display cabinet.

I almost had a Boredom Apoplexy contemplating yet another rectangular shadow box. ZZZZZZZ

But as John Rossi famously said, “don’t wear socks.” Meaning, when circumstances are within your control and you are not satisfied, impart change.

Thus this trapezoidal case. Fun.

Hinging door was the challenge, but not if you don’t wear socks, meaning don’t use conventional hinges, but in this case use dowels.

In plywood, maple and cherry.


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