The Ba-WANGa Box

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Product Description

Who among us has not smiled at the sound of the springy, mid-century door stop?

Ba – WWAAAannnnngggggggg!

We liked it so much we kept slapping the thing until our parents chased us out of the house with a rabid ferret.

I have one installed on my workbench. I inaugurate significant, well, not really significant, but noteworthy events, such as driving a screw home or sharpening a knife, by slapping the thing.

But it occurred to me that if married with a sound board, in the form of a hollow box, the Ba-Wang could be amplified to BAAA-WWAAANNNGGGggggg!

And so it was. I had to hand a remnant of a former project – a book slipcase – that didn’t pass inspection.

But wait, there’s less: this sounding board/former slipcase can also resonate a tiny music cylinder.

The merest of challenges here was to form something of a crank by which the music cylinder could be turned. The tune? For He’s (she, they, it, undecided, neutral) A Jolly Good Fellow (shela, mate, team).

Drilled and tapped (10-32) a bolt connector, flattened the end of the brass rod, then sweated onto the nether end of the brass rod a speed control disc from a 90 year old wind-up-phonograph

Et Voila!

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